Wednesday, September 14, 2011

off with their heads

It's the time of year when the rice fields are bearing fruit and farmers do their best to keep critters from eating their precious crop by putting up the best scarecrows EVER.
Call me macabre, but I just love these impaled heads. 
They're simple, pragmatic, and dotted in a sea of green; just stinking cool.
This one's my favorite.  It's got mange.


  1. i'm going to go to the hair dresser's tonight to get that stylish japanese do.

  2. it's kinda scary looking at those almost realistic heads with pealing wig...hahaha unlike the usual scarecrows made with straws,,, i wonder how it looks at night... seemed a bit spooky? do you think....

    anyway,I love the mountains,, your place looks very peaceful and neat,

    thanks for reading my post, have a great day:-)

  3. @ittykittie - do it! @aaron - I know, right! Down righ ghoulish in the best kind of way. @yan- me too

  4. Those are the kind of heads we used for practice when i was in beauty school :)