Saturday, September 10, 2011

a simple ritual

Last night, friends whisked us off to neighboring Matsuyama 松山市 for an evening of onsen luxuriating.  Onsen,  Japanese for hot spring is a tradition that dates back to days before indoor plumbing and used  public bath houses. The ritual is simple - scrub down in civilized bathing areas complete with soap and shampoo, then soak in hot spring fed baths.  Most onsens have a variety of pools at different temperatures and the vibe is quiet and communal, despite what you may think about being naked with a bunch of strangers (all women, sexes are separated.)  If you're ever in Matsuyama I definitely recommend Sora to Mori Higashi Dogo a posh onsen that does a lovely job of marrying tradition with modern chic.  We'll definitely be back.  

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