Thursday, September 15, 2011

the candy aisle

I recently posted a video giving a glimpse of the prepared food area at one of my local supermarkets.  I probably should've mentioned that I got busted while filming - a very polite security officer approached me and asked me to stop recording.   Ouch. 

At any rate, I've received a few requests of the candy aisle.  While I don't have any footage, I do have some photos that include a sweet wee shopper.

 Notice the kid-sized shopping baskets and step stool for easy access.
 Finally, on the bottom shelf; that's where Popin' Cookin' lives.


  1. It's really nice of you to film the supermarket to show us what it's like, but I hope you don't get into trouble for doing it >_<

  2. That candy aisle is amazing! There is a store called Marukai in L.A. that my daughter and I visited, that is ALMOST as wonderful as this. Love the tiny baskets and step stool. SO cute. Thank you once again for sharing with us. XD

  3. Wow! That candy aisle is impressive! I was actually wondering how you could film the other vid in the store without getting in trouble. At least the security guard was polite AND didn't ask you to delete it. Once my friend simply took a pic of me in a store and the sales clerk was rude and even took the phone to delete the images. Geesh

  4. @speshell - No worries :) @Jamie - You're welcome! @ittykittiepie - Wow. They actually took their phone?

  5. It's me Tigerlilly. I have seen those chocolate covered almonds in my Japanese grocer; "Miyamoto" in MTL, Quebec, Canada. :D

  6. I'm glad the security guard was polite. Sorry that they made you stop! But, WOW! That candy aisle is AWESOME!!! someday when I go to Japan I'm going there!!!!!!!!