Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Anyone there...?

Hot dang, it's been a long while.

Getting hitched makes for a busy summer, but I'm back and planning to make more regular appearances on this ol' blog.  Let's get to it, shall we.  Today on my way home from work I stopped by the supermarket and did my regular perusal of the candy aisle and came home with this:
It's a new Happy Kitchen kit called sofuto kukki or soft cookie.  Look for a new video soon.  Alright, I'm off to get some shut eye.  おやすみなさい Oyasuminasai

p.s. - Please feel free to leave comments - I love hearing from the black depths.  Blogging can be a lonely pursuit and sometimes all it takes is a thoughtful comment to reinvigorate a thumb twiddling blogger. 


  1. Hi Emmy!
    My daughter and I love all of your videos! I can't wait to see the video for this one. After watching your stuff, we've been able to find a bunch of the candies you have shown and we've had a blast making them. Thank you so much for sharing! XD

  2. thank you for giving us a taste of japan!

    wish i could visit sometime! =)

  3. I JUST CLICKED ON YOUR BLOGSPOT HOMEPAGE AND WHAT IS THAT A CENTIPEDE. i almost fell off my chair gdi ;___; looking forward to your video!

  4. @Jamie - Yay! That's the best, watching videos and making stuff together. @Teresa - You're welcome!
    @T- Yes, that would be one fatty-boy centipede. blech

  5. I already ordered some Japanese Sweets after seeing them in your videos. They look so interesting. After trying them I will post about them in my blog too! Wish I could just walk into a supermarket and just buy them ;)

  6. I'm here. I'm glad to see you posting, again!