Friday, November 19, 2010

How to Make Kokedama

While cruising the bookstore I stumbled upon a magazine with something I had never seen before: moss balls.  Delightful balls of cheery moss of all different kinds, some bald and round, others potted in tiny containers, and others sprouting a tufts plant.
I was smitten.

Later at the library I found an instructional book where I learned that the moss balls or kokedama,  are the less fussy cousin of bonsai where rules and methodology reign supreme.

Below are the moss balls I came up with. 

Moss on a rock.

Tiny fern moss ball makes his home on a piece of tile found on the beach.

A tufted fellow.

If interested in creating your own moss garden check out the videos for more details.  
Happy Moss Making!


  1. emmy! i love this. it shall be my new project.
    hope you and ed are swwweeeelll.

  2. yay lehua! so sweet you are. we are well and looking forward to spring- hope you're making a ruckus.. big hugs and happy mossing. -e

  3. Hi Emmy, this is very nice!! I am very sorry for what Japan is going throught these days, hope you are doing well and safe and all your family too. I might have some questions on how to make these lovely moss ball plants, can I email you? thanks, Val from Argentina

  4. Sorry Val, for the late reply I just got your comment :( You can definitely email me at if you have any questions.

  5. Hello, my name Tanith and I love the videos you've done. The book is in the picture looks very interesting, I was wondering if you could tell me the title and the ISB to vere if I can get through the web. My mail is .
    Thanks and regards.